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Welcome to LD FENG SHUI website !

As you know it probably, Feng Shui is about the influence of the environment, personal or professional, on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We react differently according to the space we live or work in. For exempale, because of the quality of the sunshine, the color of the walls, the shape of the furniture, the circulation of the body in the space, the presence or not of plants, the organization, the volumes, etc…

All these details affect us, for good or ill.

Also, Feng Shui helps us to understand that places we live in are extensions of ourselves, a projection of our unconscious. They are mirrors that reflect who we are.

Therefore, an analysis of the space we live in allows us to understand clearly the origin of troubles we encounter (family, professional, emotional, etc…) and to correct it.

Whether it’s a private, a professional or a public place, Feng Shui will always be able to optimize these spaces, erasing all origins of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I can correct your space.

I am also an interior designer, working with qualified craftsmen to decorate your place in accordance with your desires and needs, balcony or gardens included, based on Feng Shui rules.


Rate for a Feng Shui analysis : 20€ / m2

Rate for a consulting : 90€ / hour

Decoration needs a cost estimate.

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